ARCA Cottages & Resort located in a very strategic place. Surrounded by a beautiful and natural mountain scenery.

Interesting Place Nearby

Dlundung Waterfall

Dlundung waterfall is located at Kemloko village, Trawas district and it is easy to be reached by car or motorcycle. Dlundung waterfall is the nuance of cool mountain nature with the sound of waterfall and the natural trees that add the serenity and enchanment of this place. In this location, is available a comfortable rest place, and also has large camping place.

Many visitors visited this waterfall, especially in school holiday. The visitors also often have camping activities by make tents around the waterfall location and spent their day by enjoy the fresh situation in here. The students also often use this location for having nature activities like; camping, hiking, caving, climbing, etc.
Try to visit Dlundung waterfall in Trawas area and enjoy the beautiful nature scenery with its cool and fresh air that can make you feel different than before.

Reco Lanang

Reco Lanang is the relic of Mojopahit Kingdom, at the area of Budha religion. It is the description of Dhani Budha (Dhani Bodhisatwa) which is called ‘Aksobnya’. Aksobnya controled the direction of East point of the compass. Aksobnya was always contemplantive and stayed at the sky. By this power, he spouted a Budha who teach good deeds in the world.

This Budha statue is the reflection of Mojokerto life in the past. It is the proof that in Mojokerto area, Budha religion was get develope. This statue also become one of old statue in Mojokerto regency beside old statues in Trowulan area.
The statue formed a Budha statue that sit with crossed legs and use yellow cloth.

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